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Marijuana Addiction Treatment

Treating Marijuana Addiction

An addiction is a chronic behavior that causes an individual to incessantly seek out a substance or livelihood. Drug addiction is considered to be a brain disease that causes users to abuse dangerous substances without any regard for harmful consequences. Drug addiction is considered a brain disease because of its ability to alter the normal brain functioning, ultimately resulting in loss of performance and although a person might initially choose to take drugs, continued use can lead to addictive behaviors caused by structural changes in the brain. Once someone realizes that they are addicted they’re in the thick of addiction. Addiction can come from drugs and alcohol to specific behaviors such as sex addiction, etc.

Addiction to marijuana can affect motor function from the way people drive, to the loss of memory, carelessness, dizziness, disturbed sleep, aggressive behavior and complete disregard for anything that was once important in their lives. The signs and symptoms of Marijuana don’t appear at first glance, but rather appear slowly and can be fatal.

Signs and symptoms of marijuana addiction:

  • Lack of interest in life
  • Inability to communicate with friends and family
  • Isolation
  • Red eye coloring
  • Slowed speech
  • Too relaxed gait
  • Low energy
  • Heightened food cravings
  • Motor function lowered
  • Memory loss

These signs and symptoms that someone who is addicted to marijuana will start to exhibit will be likely on a daily basis. This drug has physical side effects so, often if a teenager or significant other is addicted and using, they will often hide away or avoid face to face contact. Many drugs like marijuana and others that are harder on the body and systems, will cause a person to begin pulling away from family events and social interaction for fear of being found out.

At Genesis Recovery, we understand that this drug may be a gateway to others and should be taken care of as soon as addiction sets in, hopefully before it becomes difficult to manage. This drug affects those who are suffering from depression, severe anxiety, and other concurring disorders or personal issues. It’s important that you are often involved with your family members and remain close, to gauge how someone is feeling on a daily basis to prevent drug and alcohol abuse.

Treatment for Marijuana at Genesis Recovery

When we speak to many of our clients and their family members in group therapy, we often hear that there is a cycle of constant back and forth before seeking out therapy options that are not effective. At Genesis Recovery, we use a comprehensive treatment approach to help you recover from Marijuana abuse. We call our method the Spiritually Therapeutic Treatment Approach, which includes faith-based learning, clinical treatment and the 12-step process, and it is done in a protected environment. Our goal is to provide treatment in a serious yet engaging manner so that residents can recover in the strongest way possible. Typically, residents will participate in spiritual activities that take place three times a day. Afterward they attend individual therapy sessions and 12-step meetings. The rest of the day is left for recreational activities and other positive events that support recovery.

Family Therapy

This program helps our clients bring in their family members to help them continue sober living and an actively social lifestyle that doesn’t include marijuana. During these sessions, we get to the core of addiction, how it began and what contributes to the need for marijuana use. The more support a family gives to those affected by marijuana addiction, the more successful their family member will be to continue living well and free of marijuana.

Marijuana can become addictive if treatment isn’t put into place; recovery is possible.

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