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Lasting Faith Based Recovery

How A Faith-Based Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center can Lead to a Lasting Recovery

More than half of all addicts who enter a faith-based drug and alcohol treatment center are come from a faith based background. This is because drugs take the addict away from their spiritual connection with the Lord, and when they have had the revelation that they have become spiritually and bankrupt and they must begin to recover, they begin to pine for that their roots. They often remember how the Lord brought them strength, courage, solace, and the virtues to make it through the day. They put their trust in these faith-based treatment centers because they work through the power of Lord and are structured in a way that faith minded individuals can understand. Addicts who attend a faith-based treatment center are more likely to have a lasting recovery. Here are some of the components that drive and contribute to that lasting recovery:

  • Like-minded peers: When an addict is surrounded by others who are thinking and feeling about the same things they can have more meaningful experiences. The discussions they can have in group therapy sessions are more dynamic and effective. They can learn about each other and already have common group in their desire to get back to not just sobriety, but a place of faith. The relationships that are forged in these faith-based drug and alcohol treatment centers are stronger and last longer because they are fueled by a component of life that is close to the heart. Often times, after recovery, these relationships become a part of their everyday recovery maintenance program. Instead of going to the bar, they go out for coffee with their support group and discuss the impact that their faith is having in their life and their successes and struggles in recovery. They participate and have fun in recovery together. These like-minded peers are critically important because they become a part of the foundation that will hold up the rest of an addict’s recovery for the rest of their life.
  • Bible studies: Getting back to the basics is essential for faith-based drug and alcohol treatment. These treatment centers show their patients how to relate this holy book to their disease of addiction, and show them how to interpret it to teach them about themselves, their life, their past, and future. After relating it to their addicting while in treatment, this book and their faith will no longer feel foreign to them; it will be a tool that they can use in trials and tribulations.
  • Reteaching the Power of Prayer: It is very common for an addict to enter a faith-based drug and alcohol treatment center and confess that it has been a long time since they have prayed. Some have even admitted that they no longer believe in it or have simply forgotten how. A faith based drug and alcohol treatment center will teach their addicted patients the strength that can be gathered through praying with full faith. Though it may be challenging, or even difficult, initially, to let go and pray with a full heart free of inhibitions,; however, with practice, guidance, and dedication, an addict will reap the benefits. In time, prayer will soon come easily and will be used as a tool that can be taken anywhere in daily life.
  • Faith-Based Treatment Shows Addicts That Getting Back to God Can Be Fun: Over seventy percent of addicts who attend faith-based treatment report leaving the facility knowing how to have fun in their life again, free of addictive substances. Faith-based drug and alcohol treatment centers provide church service, which creates a sense of unity in their faith. Often times, an addict reports dreading church; however, when they attend church within their recovery program, their experience is much more enjoyable and they look forward to it. Faith-based treatment programs promote and encourage ways to love life again without abusing one’s body with narcotics and alcohol. They show their patients how to be happy sober, because they know that often times what is driving them to use in the first place is a deep-rooted dissatisfaction with their life. In order to prevent relapse they must be satisfied with their sober life; therefore they ensure that by the time they leave their facility they have not only had a great deal of fun in treatment, but know how to have fun sober outside of treatment.

There are many options for treatment; but the ones that are proven to work most effectively are the ones which involve addicts grasping onto a belief of something or someone greater than themselves. Faith-based drug and alcohol centers have been working for many individuals who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction, and they lead to a prolonged recovery. Addicts who are looking for a lasting recovery should trust their life in the hands of a faith-based spiritual recovery center.