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Faith-Based Recovery Centers Save Lives

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Faith-Based Recovery Centers Save Lives

How Faith-Based Recovery Centers are Saving the Lives of Addicts

Individuals who have a religious background often struggle with addiction problems on a much more difficult level than others. This is because they have such faith in God that they feel betrayed by him because he has lead them down this horrifically painful path, or they feel ashamed blaming themselves that they have disappointed Him. This only fuels the cycle, and with shame and grief the disease perpetuates into a losing battle. There are, however, faith-based recovery centers that understand these religious dilemmas that addicts with a religious background face. They understand the struggles and moral questioning that they go through during their addiction and are prepared to offer guidance and clarity when the sick and suffering addict arrives on their doorstep ready to surrender in desperation. They are experienced in helping addicts strengthen their relationship with God so that they can overcome their addiction and go on to live happy lives with the Lord in their heart again.

What Are Faith-Based Recovery Centers?

Religious recovery centers approach alcohol and drug addiction from a spiritual perspective. These centers understand that often times, and addiction is an attempt to compensate for an inner sense of spiritual emptiness; something that may be very difficult for a formerly spiritual individual to admit. Using bible studies, church sessions, the power of prayer, and meditation, they teach their patients how to create a strong spiritual foundation in order help them overcome their need for alcohol and drugs. Though they may use many of the same evidence-based therapy and tools that non- faith-based treatment centers use, they always bring the focus back to God, which is helpful because it implements the point that no matter where they go and what they do, God is by their side, and they are never alone. Faith-based recovery centers also teach the spiritual principles that are found in the Bible, and applies them to addiction recovery. They view the addict’s relationship with God as one of the most important aspects of healing, while non-faith-based facilities may not. Addicts who have experienced the power of faith-based recovery centers have said that the presence of God during the recovery process was one of the most important components, and has remained so in their life after treatment.

Advantages of Going to a Religious Recovery Center

Those who find their religious faith important to them will find that a faith-based recovery center is more helpful to them than a secular facility. Faith-based recovery centers will perpetuate the same core values that are important to them, even if those have been lost in addiction. This can help them feel more supported, rejuvenated, and remember who they are as they seek healing and health from their addiction. They will be able to discuss their religious or spiritual concerns with a staff who is like-minded because they are of the same faith. Many addicts find this exponentially helpful because they come to treatment seeking to forgive themselves, or the forgiveness from God for the way their life has turned and the sins they have committed while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Another strong advantage of a faith-based recovery center is that those who attend will be surrounded by like-minded peers. This gives addicts the invaluable opportunity to fellowship with other believers who are experiencing the same trials and tribulations. Not only does this help one another to strengthen their faith, but it also helps each individual addict see that they are not the only ones who believe in God that struggles with addiction. This camaraderie presents a perfect opportunity for one another to support each other and ever bring about inspiration within. They see each other going through the program and know that they too can succeed. Often times, these relationships forged in the faith-based recovery center continue on strong after leaving treatment and become a support system in everyday life. These relationships add richness and meaning to their lives, so that when they experience struggles in their lives again they can lean on their support group. They can even help their friends from treatment, and this makes them feel that they were chosen by God to help those who are suffering; that their struggles were not in vain, that they were a part of God’s plan for them so that they could help others.

Addiction is a dark place entices addicts to commit many acts that the Bible would classify as sins. When an addict reaches a recovery center, they are often heavy- hearted with guilt and shame. Faith-based recovery centers are experienced in alleviating these heavy hearts and making them light again. One of the most important things they do for the addicts that come to them is teach them how to have fun in their lives while being sober. This prevents relapse because they are satisfied with their lives, thus, eliminating the need to fill any gap with substances. With a full life and God in their hearts, addicts recover.