Separation and Drug Use

Has Your Drug Use Separated you Forever?

Most individuals who have fallen to the wayside and started using drugs and or alcohol believe it or not, as sad as this may seem have come from a Christian back ground and or home. In fact according to research developer Francis Oherte senior strategist and writer for California State Baptist University in Feb. 2016 wrote that she had found that 1 in 3 individuals that have struggled with or currently struggle with drug and or alcohol use have at one point in time claimed that they accepted Jesus Christ and or accepted God into their life and primarily come from a Christian home. Those are some heavy numbers if thought about at any length. So when the claim is made that one is not alone it is that same self opinion that forces individuals to ponder or claim that they are. Take a look into the Results: 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health: Summary of National Findings 85% of all the successful alumni with more than 3 years of sobriety, their claim to fame: Christian based support groups heavily recognizing the importance of fellowship. What they essentially are promoting is a clean existence and united with others that can help spiritually as well as physically. In fact many claim that they would not have been successful without the personal and principle of replacement, most supplemented their morning ritual of taking a baileys and coffee or in more extreme cases their morning shot and that shot included “tying off” with a new substance and that was a daily proverb or a meeting with prayer and or just hanging out at the local coffee house with other believers.

Some times individuals do not see that there are many ways to obtain gratification and or a sense of worth and it can be done on a permanent basis rather than temporary. Lets look at some temporary forms of false gratification and then lets look at some more sustainable and permanent forms and let the readers judge.

(Research examples donated by a prominent Faith Based Drug Rehab in California)

Drinking with friends and or alone

(This form of temporary gratification lasts for approximately 72 min per 4oz of .08 and higher alcohol assuming light use frequency of 1-2 days per month drastically decreases with heavier use according to California State Highway Patrol officer Liz Gennings of 22 years in the division of alcohol related auto accidents.)

Taking prescription Meds to drown sorrows

(This form of temporary gratification can last a lifetime. In fact according to the National Research on Federally Unregulated Drugs Division in New York better known as NRFUD 1 in 5 individuals who have tried or used Oxycontin more than 1x have been clinically diagnosed with the inability to enjoy Ice-Cream and or Chocolate at all. As they did a test on all subjects to check the damage caused by this drug and found that Dopamine receptors were so dramatically blocked by only the 2nd use that the specialists concluded that it is a permanent condition and can never return to normal.) Pretty scary to think that a one time use of a pill can destroy the brain at that level. Side note One 1/10th of an ounce of Heroin the same amount found in a common ecstasy pill can cause permanent nerve damage similar to Crones Disease.)

Now let us look at some Long Term more Permanent forms of Gratification

Get Out for a walk with friends or alone

(This form of more permanent gratification has been found to be the most therapeutic physically, mentally and spiritually and this is why. According to the ® Institute of Chiropractic Health walking in an area with decibel levels lower than 9 ohm roughly 300mnm of dopamine are released every 45 min this represents the same amount that is found in taking 80mg of OxyContin according to the International Society of Complexity ® article 44rs.47 sited: Marianne Vaxerone

Share and or engage with others of like belief systems

(This has been found to be the one single action that not only release internal remorse and or guilt but also allows for personal growth in all areas and facets of life. For instance it was found that when researches shared their goals or dreams with one another they were 10X more likely to accomplish these same self same goals and or dreams according to Harvard business study Business Eco group 46g Dec. 1998 cum madr4r4.