Alcohol Treatment Center California

Choosing An Addiction Treatment Center

The right addiction treatment center is the basis for valuable support that is vital for an individual’s success in recovery. While this is pertinent, it is the individual who holds the power of the end result; therefore, we teach our patients everything they need to know about how to live life without addictive substances as their crutch. It all starts with discovering why they needed that crutch in the first place. Counselors help our patients discover their inner strength, and outside support from the surrounding community nourishes that strength during their transition into a sober lifestyle. The patient grows accustomed to that community takes that support with them long after their stay at our drug and alcohol treatment center.

Substance Abuse Is the Symptom

Often times, substance abuse is the symptom of a greater underlying problem. At Genesis Recovery California we have trained specialist on staff that help our patients identify and understand these issues. We utilize the 12-steps because they have helped sick and suffering individuals recover for decades. Our San Diego recovery center offers 12-step meetings, and we encourage our patients to continue to be a part of 12-step fellowships after their treatment program has been completed.

Our seasoned staff members are sensitive and compassionate to each individual patient’s needs. They understand that, especially early in recovery, patients are likely to experience ups and downs. They know how to convey to their patients that drinking and using are really poor defense mechanisms that individuals use to hide from their real problems, emotions, and life issues. Our treatment plan includes group therapy and individual therapy that are designed to help unmask these problems in order to prevent future relapses. We understand that for many addicts the first step to recovery, admitting that there is a problem and that they need help, is usually the hardest. Once they have made it over that hurdle, they have a fighting chance. At Genesis Recovery California, we take our patients from wishing they had a chance of recovery to achieving their dreams of successful and happy sobriety.

Successful Treatment Programs

With our successful treatment programs, including our faith-based treatment, our goal is to help sick and suffering alcoholics and addicts find hope, discover peace through forgiveness, and walk through their fears resulting in serenity and recovery. At Genesis Recovery California, we only staff the most qualified staff members who are capable of treating our patients to our standards. We have faith in our program, and we have faith in the strength our clients have within deep down inside. We understand that making the decision, and committing to getting treatment for addiction is admirable; it requires courage and determination that others who do not suffer from addiction may not be able to identify with. We are a recovery center that does understand the addict and are waiting for you.